Works for horn, written for Frøydis Ree Wekre

Pietro Righini: 36 Measures pour cor solo = 1

Sigurd Berge: Hornlokk, Horntrio, Hornkvartett, Alpehornlåt, (one

long and one short), Illuxit for childrens choir, jazzpianist and

alphorn, Hornsolo 2000, Yang Guan for woodwind quintet = 8

Trygve Madsen: Sonate, Concerto, Concertino for horn and band,

Invitation to a Voyage (horn and band), The Dream of the Rhinoceros,

Trio for violin, horn and piano, Sextet for piano and brass quintet, Quintet for              horn and violin, two violas and cello = 8 (Also a piece for 8 horns, com. by Norwegian Horn club)

Wolfgang Plagge: 5 Sonatas, Monoceros, Concerto, Solo piece in Memory of Grieg, Raga for 2 horns and piano, Trio for violin, horn and piano = 10

Sparre Olsen: Concertino for horn and strings, Twilight Tones = 2

Knut Nystedt: Concerto, Rhapsody in Green (for brass quintet) = 2

(also a piece for horn solo, Canto, not written specifically for me but for

the publisher)

Finn Mortensen: Suite for woodwind quintet, Adagio and Fugue for 16 horns = 2

Stanley Friedman: Topangavariations for horn solo = 1

Meyer Kupferman: Sound Phantoms for horn solo = 1

Ellison: Trio for violin, horn and piano = 1

Roger Kellaway: Trio, Dance of the Ocean Breeze for horn, tuba and piano = 2

Andrea Clearfield: Songs of the Wolf, Into the Falcon’s Eye = 2

Should be around 40 works.

There are numerous other chamber music compositions also, from the sixties and early seventies, for groups I was involved in at the time, such as woodwind- and brass quintets etc. Composers like Finn Mortensen, Sigurd Berge, Magnar Åm, Ole Schmidt and more.